Tracking a global life.

    Right after finishing college, I turned down a traditional job to work in the social sector. Ten years later, I co-founded Amani Institute to help others do the same - build lives and careers where they don't have to choose between making a living and making an impact.

    I firmly believe that as more and more people commit to working with purpose, we will solve our problems, improve how business is done, and lead fulfilling lives. I'm passionate about global citizens solving social problems across boundaries.


    The highlights:

    • Co-Founder and CEO of Amani Institute since 2011
    • Worked at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public from 2003-2013, launching several new global programs for the organization
    • Gave a TEDx Talk called "How Do You Learn How to Change the World?" in 2016
    • Delivered the commencement Speech at University of San Diego in 2015
    • Won a Leadership in Education award from the World Education Congress in 2017
    • Published first novel, called Such a Lot of World, in 2014 and a book of essays on social impact education called "Your Work Begins at No" in 2017.
    • Worked with Dr. Marshall Ganz of Harvard University on the storytelling techniques that transformed the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign in 2008
    • BA from Davidson College; MPP from Harvard Kennedy School; Founding Participant at THNK: The Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership
    • Studied or worked in every continent - apart from Antarctica
    • Former cricket journalist (and failed cricket player)

    Most of the time, I'm juggling passions for social innovation, travel, cricket, and good writing. Every now and then, several of these passions come together in unexpected ways and in those moments – life seems complete.


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  • Building Careers of Meaning and Impact

    Nairobi, Kenya | Sao Paulo, Brazil | Bangalore, india | and beyond!

    Creating the medical school or military academy for the social sector

    Responding to the widely-perceived shortage of leaders in the social sector, the Amani Institute's mission is to develop next-generation talent for solving social problems. We are currently based in Nairobi, Kenya; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Bangalore, India. But our award-winning programs are open to anyone in the world. We help people build careers where they can both make a living and make an impact.


    Learn more here, and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay in touch!

  • Graduation Speech - The University of San Diego

    In May 2015, I was honored to give the Commencement Speech to the graduate schools (business, education & leadership, arts & sciences, peace, and nursing) at the University of San Diego.

  • TEDx Talk - How Do You Learn How to Change the World?

    In April 2016, I gave a TEDx Talk in Amsterdam about the growing trend of people all around the world seeking “careers of meaning and impact”. And how this will become a giant wave of change that our education systems and organizations aren’t yet ready for.

  • Such a Lot of World

    My Novel

    such a lot of world - a novel by roshan paul

    Such a Lot of World takes place in modern India, where three recent graduates – Avraan, Ilona and Laks – share an apartment in South Delhi, each of them grappling with the challenge of leading life on their own terms. Avraan has an MBA from India’s best business school but works for a non-profit that educates street kids; Ilona restlessly and relentlessly seeks the job and man who makes her whole; Laks is a reverse-migrating Indian-American entrepreneur who launches a café in Central Delhi. 

    Yet, each also deals with the same questions people in their 20s face everywhere in the world. Set in New Delhi, the story moves through Varanasi, Khajuraho, Amritsar, and parts of rural India. This is ultimately a story about India and where it’s going in the early years of the 21st century.


    You can buy the novel on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle. Or you can buy it directly from the publisher

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  • My Other writing

    A collection of my published writing.


    My non-fiction writing has been featured in a number of publications, ranging from books (the Dream of a Nation anthology) and journals (Innovations) to newspapers (The Times of India, Business Standard, The Hindu), magazines and websites (Forbes.com, CSRWire, India Today). I am also occasionally interviewed by journalists because of my work at Amani Institute.


    These days, I tend to blog mostly at the Stanford Social Innovation Review (articles collected here) and on LinkedIn. My book on my articles for Stanford Social Innovation Review is availab;e on request.


    Both my writing and others' interviews of me typically deal with these topics:

  • Teaching and Speaking

    Guest lectures, conferences, and workshops

    I've spoken or led workshops at over 55 universities and conferences around the world, including Harvard University, the World Education Congress, UNICEF, and The World Bank.


    Click here for a full list of my teaching and speaking engagements around the world.

  • Travel

    Where I've been.

  • Contact


     E-mail me at roshanpaul@gmail.com



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